Sunday, May 26, 2002

I've managed to have a fairly relaxing weekend. I slept late Saturday and Sunday, and went to the gym both days as well as going Friday night. I went late last night to take care of my friends' cats and was a little concerned that I hadn't seen one of them so I sat around and listened for a while. After a few minutes I heard some meowing and traced it down to their basement. She'd been locked in the office since they left and, wow, was she glad to see me. I took her upstairs right away and she ran for the food and water. Luckily cats are desert animals, so she was probably just hungry since she'd been down there for a couple days. I'll stop by again tonight and make sure everything's fine.

I just returned from seeing Insomnia with Pacino and Robin Williams. It was very good. I recommend it for a matinee.

Outside of that, I've been watching a coupld of DVDs. I watched HighFidelity, Crumb, Get Shorty, and now I'm watching Shanghai Noon. Good stuff. I may need to buy some new DVDs soon. I may go check out my local store.

Right now!


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