Friday, July 12, 2002

Back to the natural world.

The bamboo outside my apartment is growing like mad. Apparently my landlord hasn't had time to trim it back (which is fine by me) because it's gotten to the point that it's sprouted filaments (probably reproductive in nature). The taller stalks are easily twelve feet high and pretty damn impressive. I imagine they'll get cut down soon, but they sure are fun to have around.

I was going to throw out some bread that sat around for the week I was gone, but instead of tossing it I set out about thirteen individual pieces for the squirrels and other scavenging critters to enjoy. I set them out late one night and by morning almost all of the pieces were gone, and of the three I could see that were left, all of them had been snacked on. I'm not sure why I think that's cool, but it's interesting to see how out leftovers go to feed the things around us. I'm sure those pieces of bread were set upon by bugs, birds, squirrels, and raccoons. Very fun.

Work is good, but I'm behind on things and need to play catch-up tomorrow. First thing in the morning we're going to play a bunch of games to look at their mechanics, so that'll be cool. It sounds like we have a lot of interesting games on the docket. Don't you just envy me my job?

I borrowed the new Eminem CD from one of the guys at work. I like it, but I don't think it's as solid as the Marshall Mathers EP. Although I continue to be impressed by Eminem's musicianship and especially his lyrics. He's very, very good.

I just went to Men in Black II. It was good. Funny and light, but it suffered from way too many obviously-cut scenes and "chase" syndrome. I don't have a better term for it. It's when a movie feels it has to be really kinetic and run you from one plot point to the next without really telling you anything. Overall it was a good time. Oh, and I saw the previews for Star Trek: Nemesis, Terminator 3, and The Two Towers.


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