Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Life's a funny thing (oh, and blogger still isn't updating correctly).

I got a ride in with the woman from work and she finally told me what's up: she's got a boyfriend. Was that so hard to tell me? Sure, it's someone from work and they're not making it public, but it makes me feel better to know what's been going on. Sure, I'm not jumping up and down with happiness (though I am happy for them), but at least I know. Do I feel lied to? Sure. She said she didn't date people she worked with. Do I feel a little angry? Yep. Does it matter? No. It's not like I can say anything about it without looking like an ass and harming the friendship.

Hmm, she has this address. Do I care? Not really. Better to write about it here in inspecific terms that talk to her about it. That would do nothing but harm. (Hmm, "Nothing But Harm" is a good title.) This way I can safely vent and get on with my life. Honestly, it's not that I'm angry she's seeing someone, it's that I feel lied to and deceived (redundant?). I don't like being lied to and treated without respect. Like I'm not a thinking, feeling being. Ah, this is just hurt ego complaining. See, it's better to write about it here than keep it bottled up or spew it out in anger. I'll be fine.

Oh, well. Life's a funny thing.

I need a break.


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