Sunday, July 28, 2002

I had a busy weekend. I wrote about my plans in the last post and they pretty much went just like I listed them. Today (Sunday) I went to the gym and then played the History of the World boardgame twice with some of my friends from work. It's a very, very good game. Afterwards I went out for some Thai at a nearby restaruant and now I think I'm going to play Neverwinter Nights.

Oh, I also picked up a couple new DVDs; Weird Al's VHS and Amelie (based solely on Seth's recommendation to me). I also noticed that Real Genius and Better Off Dead are on the new release rack. I'm sure I'll get both of those eventually. It's funny to buy a DVD again, it's been weeks (maybe months?) since my last purchase and I haven't watched any televisions since then. It's amazing to think I used to spend hours in front of the T.V.

That's about all. Talk to you soon.


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