Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I'm really tired and not feeling very well (headache since about 4:00), so I didn't go to the gym tonight. Nor have I had dinner.

I'm supposed to go to one of the sculptor's houses tonight, but I think I'm going to go rest. Maybe work on the Buffy game I have to run.

I have a doctor's appointment for next Thursday. I don't remember if I mentioned that already, but hopefully he'll be able to give me some information on what's going on with my whole working out/weight-loss thing.

A woman that used to work here called to invite me to an impromptu Halloween party on Friday night. That should be fun, but it means skipping the gym again. I'm not so excited about that.

Tomorrow I'm going to help Mike from work to give out candy for Halloween. His wife's in Hong Kong right now, so he has to take their daughter trick-or-treating.

I'm outta here.


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