Wednesday, February 05, 2003

First off, I want to congratulate Seth for his recent mention on MSNBC and Slate for his coverage of the Columbia disaster. I know you mostly did all that work for yourself, but apparently someone out there was paying attention. You did very good work on very little sleep, in a timely manner, in a very professional way. Good work. I know I, at least, appeciate it.

Now back to the regular stuff.

I just finished some work and I'm off to a late night at the gym. It's better than nothing. Oh, yeah, I forgot I haven't written about this yet; my first meeting with the trainer at the gym was cancelled. Her CPR training expired and she couldn't train again until it was renewed. I'll start up with her next Monday. In the meantime I'm coasting along at the gym and trying to get myself back in line with regards to eating and being active.

One of the women from work has to move back to Japan, so I'm going to buy one of her cars (her husband's actually). It's a silver, 2000 Subaru Impreza Outback. I wasn't sure if I wanted it, but it's a good deal and I was going to get a new car this spring anyway. This was a bit sooner than I was thinking, but even so, I need it. I'm going to try to get the loan set up tomorrow and Friday. That should be fun. Yeah, right.

Last night I played Shadowrun with a bunch of guys from work. We had a lot of fun. It's good to be gaming regularly with a couple of groups that really seem to click -- for the most part. I have to get ready to run the next installment of my game next Tuesday.

I borrowed a CD from one of the guys at work; Meat Beat Manifesto's album Actual Sounds + Voices. It's very good. A weird mix of techno, funk, and...trance, maybe? Anyway, it made for good listening at the gym the other night and is still pretty enjoyable on a second or third listen. In other media news, I'm still watching the Spider-Man DVD. This time I'm checking for all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

I called the woman from Friday night today and we have a date set up for Saturday evening. We had a good time talking on the phone -- and luckily, her life sounds as busy as mine because she's going to school full time and works two jobs; one at a law firm, the other at a restaurant. More on this later.

Off I go! Tomorrow I get a new car! (Well, maybe not tomorrow, but you get the idea.)


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