Thursday, January 16, 2003

Hey! Yo! I'm back from vacation! Tell your friends bacause my numbers just aren't where they were before the break. I'm feeling seriously unloved by you. Yes, you! Did you think you wouldn't be missed? Aww, buck up, you know I like you, come on, come back. I promise to post some fun stuff if you're good.

Seth has returned in force from his self-imposed blog moratorium. You'd think a guy who writes all the time would get tired of writing all the time. Luckily Seth is a plucky lad with just enough fingers to properly operate a keyboard; no more, no less.

In related news, Seth passed on some news that Marv Wolfman mentioned my game on his site. Look at the 1/15/03 posting. It's just an off-hand mention of the game, but I gotta admit, it's pretty cool to know that some of my favorite comic writers are talking about my stuff. I've already emailed him to thank him. Hmm, come to think of it, I hope some of my favorite comic writers weren't ripping it apart and saying what a travesty they think the game is. That would suck. I hope they like them, even if they only decorate their computers with them.

Seth also passed along a link to writer, Bruce Baugh's new weblog Rock Scissors Blog. It looks like an interesting experiment and I hope to check and possibly post to it regularly. I imagine some interesting things will be said -- by me -- if no one else. I kid, of course. I probably won't post anything interesting.

Now that Seth is out of the way I can get on with what I came here for; writing about me. (Hmm, I seem to be on an egotistical bent today. You will, of course, forgive me.) I managed to get my crazy sleep schedule under control just in time for it to be the weekend again, so I can screw it up again. I'll try to behave this weekend and not get too out of whack.

Work was a bit crazy this week. Wednesday a dam seemed to break and I was flooded with work that all had to be done RIGHT NOW! I pretty much have it all taken care of now, but it was annoying and I haven't felt stressed by work like that in a long time. Anyway, it's all good now and things seem to be on track.

I met with everyone to start the new Mutants & Masterminds game on alternating Tuesdays with Mike's Shadowrun game. We wrote up characters and everything looks like it's going to be fine. I've been coming up with a ton of ideas for it and am exploring the game system a bit more by writing up some background characters and bad guys. I hope this game goes well, because it'll be the first time a game has really clicked since I've been out here. It's funny how much gaming is colored by the people you play with. Some people just can't tell stories together.

Today (Thursday) we had many of our distributors into work and showed them our plans for the next year. Additionally those of us in the game design department had to play our upcoming games with them. It went very well and they all seem very excited about what we have coming up. That's definitely a good thing. Tonight I decided to stay late and proof some newly arrived samples and some general catch-up due to yesterday's and today's interruptions. Things are good now.

I just returned from a sumptuous sushi feast with Kevin and Kim from work. I always have a good time with them. I'd also like to state for the record that we have too many cute women working here. I need to get out and meet some single, datable women with whom I do not work. Luckily, tomorrow night is the birthday of one of the guys here, so maybe I'll manage to do that.

Okay, now I think I'm going to do some more work, then go home.

Check back soon!


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