Sunday, January 19, 2003

I had a good weekend. Firday night was the birthday of one of the guys here at work and a pretty good-sized group joined him at the nearby Rock-Bottom Brewery for dinner, then a smaller group went to the fabulous 8th Street Sports Bar for drinks and pool afterwards. One of the women from work brought a friend to introduce to the birthday boy, but he was shy all night and didn't really talk to her until late in the evening. I ended up talking to her for most of the night. She's 24 and is from La Crosse. She moved out here on a whim and seems to love it. The evening ended just before midnight and I went home to read for a bit.

Saturday I went to the gym and then went to work to do some things, but ended up playing Magic for most of the afternoon and evening. Then a couple of us went for dinner at a nearby Greek place; expensive, but good. I returned to work, but didn't do a heck of a lot...oh, I talked to Seth as he and Chris watched the travesty that is competitive eating. They were both very distracted by the show. I'm sure Seth will post more over at Ober Dicta.

I was up early Sunday and at the gym by about 10:30, so I was done by around noon. Checked out Best Buy, because I want to get a new stereo. I'm not sure if I want to get an all-in-one unit, or get speakers and a stereo shelf and put together a component system. I remembered that I have a receiver that Seth gave me years ago. That along with my CD changer and record player pretty much gives me what I really need. Probably need an amp, too. I'll do some more checking. One may be easier, but the other may not be much more work and yeild a better result.

Then to work, where I did very little until I went to see Narc with some people from work. It was good. A bit confusing because they insisted on many, many scenes of the main character sitting somewhere thinking quietly, or inexplicably having flashbacks. Regardless, it was still a pretty good bit of cop/crime fiction.

Now I'm going home. Nope, groceries first, then home.


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