Friday, January 24, 2003

I think I say this a lot, but man am I busy. Work is alternatingly full and overflowing with things to do. Yesterday (meaning Wednesday) I don't feel like I was able to get anything done -- other than getting a haricut -- and Thursday I took care of some busy work and spent most of the afternoon coordinating a photo shoot for an upcoming game, so that kinda shot the day. Thankfully tonight I went to the "Scrabble night" that a large group of us host sporadically. It was a good time and ended early enough that I was able to come back to work and get a couple of things done. That will make tomorrow a bit easier.

The main things tomorrow are meetings; three of them, taking up about 4 hours. And trying to write up a new system for a game that was gutted on Monday. I came up with something to replace it, but tomorrow is the presentation to the boss and I have nothing written up so far, just notes and ideas. Whatever time I don't spend in meetings tomorrow will be spent formalizing my thoughts.

Last night I went to the gym, then joined some of the guys downtown (in Seattle) for some fun. One of the women from work showed up with her roommates -- both very cute -- but one of them was great. Intelligent, funny, attractive, and just all-around cool. I come into work today and find out she's got a boyfriend. Of course. Quite a bummer, really. Her, I'd ask out. I was tempted to last night.

I'm gonna start some notes for tomorrow, then go sleep. Bye.


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