Thursday, March 06, 2003

I wonder why so many people wonder if Vin Diesel is gay?

I ask this not completely at random. Y'see, every couple of days Nothing Good gets a hit from someone wondering if Vin Diesel is gay. I'm sure I mentioned him with regards to his movie XXX and have also used the word "gay" somewhere in these pages, but I'm betting Mr. Diesel wouldn't be cool with it if he found out so many people were looking for this information. I mean, let the guy be. If he's gay, and I'm not saying he is, but if he is, isn't that his business? Or, wait, do you think all the people surfing for such information are hoping he is and looking for dates? That might be it. He must be quite a hottie to some of the boys out there. Anyway, if you come to this site trying to find out if Vin Diesel is gay, please go away.

Really, you should be more interested in the fact that he's a gamer and, reportedly, still plays D&D on a regular basis. So, he must be cool.

Now that that nonsense is out of the way. This week has been okay. I'm really, really demotivated for some reason. Maybe it's the aftereffects of the cold still slowing me down. More likely it's that I slowed down a lot while sick and now I'm in the habit of being slow. Yuck. I don't like it. I have more and more work piling up and I was almost caught up.

The weekend after next I'm going to Vegas for a convention. Mostly it's to see some friends that will also be there, but I'll be doing some work, too. I think work is going to cover my hotel -- and maybe I won't have to take time off -- so that will be cool by me.

I finally received a call back from Cyndi today. She said she's just too busy to try dating right now. I'm okay with that, it was the "not knowing" that was a bother. Anyway, we're going to trade some emails. Mainly I want to find out if she's blowing me off and using "I'm too busy" as an excuse, or if she is actually busy. Round and round we go. It's the little dance of getting to the real meaning that makes it fun! Yeah, right.

Anyway, I'd like to see her again. We had fun together.

I've been trying to write all week for the next issue of the magazine and I've gotten woefully little accomplished. This weekend I really have to knuckle down and crank out some words. Although Friday I'm going out to dinner and Saturday night some of us from work are going to The Ballard Firehous to see Dave Wakeling, the lead singer of both General Public and The English Beat. Should be fun. I'm sure I'll be able to get plenty of work done when I'm around during the day this weekend.

Okay, gotta run to the gym and then get to bed. I'm back into the habit of staying up too late and it's bad.


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