Saturday, February 22, 2003

This illness thing has taken up most of my posts for the last week -- mostly becuase I've been sick for the last week and haven't done a whole heck of a lot outside of sleep, work and be sick. I'm feeling better today finally. I went home last night, wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and watched some more of the commentary track of The Fellowship of the Ring. The sleeping bag actually managed to keep me warm; the first time I've felt warm all week, actually, so that was nice. About 11:00 I was feeling a little too warm, so I unwrapped myself. I don't know if it was the fever itself, or the warmth of the sleeping bag, but I think my fever finally broke because I wasn't feeling chilled all the time. When I went to bed I was still warm enough that I laid on top of the covers to cool down and actually fell asleep that way. The night before I was freezing under my covers, so sleeping atop them seemed really amazing to me.

My voice is a bit better today and my cough is pretty much the same, just not as painful. I'm still keeping up with my medicines to help me out a bit.

I slept in until about 10:00 (another night of way too much sleep! Ugh!), watched some more of the movie, then I was tired of sitting around, so I showered, dressed and came to work for a bit. I didn't actually do any work, but I started on some things for the game I'm supposed to run Tuesday. I also played a few games of cards with Matt. At about 6:30 we took off for Cafe Bizarro for Heather's birthday dinner. There was a group of about 14 of us. Dinner was very good and Heather was happy to see everyone. After dinner they were all headed out to go dancing, but considering I'm not well I opted to go home. A couple of them gave me hell, but I don't care; I don't go out when I'm sick.

I stopped at work to update this quickly and now I'm headed home to relax, take some medicine and go to bed.


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