Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Those of you that know me know that I've been a comic fan for many years. Heck, even if you only know me through this blog (which is probably zero of you) should know that by now considering how often I mention going to pick up comics with Shane. Anyway, someone passed on a link to scanned-in copy of Action Comics #1. Part of me thinks it's really cool that someone did this and part of me thinks it's just another way to rip of Siegel and Shuster. Those are the two fellas that created Superman back in 1938. The comic and its contents still belong to DC Comics and it bugs me that someone's put it online while at the same time it makes me happy to be able to check it out.

Weird double-bind for me. So I guess the moral is; check it out, but feel guilty about it.

Our newest game got a lot of electronic ink on ESPN yesterday. That was cool to see.

Okay, non-link-related things. Monday after work I mostly just hung out and did nothing. I think I came home, cooked some dinner (yes, I've started doing that fairly often lately), cleaned up around the apartment, and watched a borrowed copy of Equilibrium along with the two commentary tracks -- or at least most of them. I still have a little bit to go on the second one.

Tuesday was a day of meetings at work. Yippee. I did some testing on one of our new releases. It has some very, very cool things and has been a lot of fun to test. After playing a game of Jonsson (pronounced: yonson. It's faux Swedish) -- it's a game made up by some of the guys in the office. It's the ancient game of magnetic bocci ball. We have a league going in the office. I lost my first league game tonight, 7-3. Ouch. Anyway, after that I played a quick game of Magic, and then went to Shana's to grab some dinner because I was tired of hanging out at home.

We had a good time. I got to her place, knocked a not-quite-empty glass of red wine over onto her white carpet. Actually it looked like someone had been killed on her floor because the wine was so red. After saying, "Oh, that sucks," we walked over to the University area for dinner, then walked back plus a couple more blocks to a grocery store to pick up something to clean up the wine stains. It was a good walk. I'm sure we're both skinnier because of it. At least we can dream, right?

Now I'm home and ready for bed.

I have to admit that I've been in the mood to write lately. I know that's a good thing, but I'm not sure why I feel like that now. Maybe it's because I haven't done any writing in a long time, or maybe it's because I'm not going to the gym lately and I'm looking for something to fill my time. Either way, I have to figure out something to write or be much more regular about getting exercise.


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