Saturday, May 15, 2004

After another fun-filled evening of playing in Johnzo's excellent Savage Worlds X-Com game. On the way home I heard from Seth and Chris who called to say they were in Issaquah so they'd be to my place soon -- about a half-day early, actually, since I wasn't expecting them until sometime Friday. No biggie, though, so they showed up, we unpacked and then they crashed pretty quickly.

Friday I worked while Seth and Chris looked at apartments and ran errands. They stopped by later in the day and I went to look at the apartment Seth was interested in -- and possibly interested in having me move into as well, but I don't think I'm ready to pack up and move just yet. Besides, if I move it'll probably be into the city . . . despite the commute. After work we had some excellent dinner at Ginza in Bellevue. Later in the evening we drove around a bit, then played some City of Heroes. Fun.

Saturday we grabbed some breakfast, then went down to Zanadu to pick up comics. No Shane this week, unfortunately, but that was probably okay because we had to make it a really quick trip because we were headed to Clementine's birthday party afterwards. We made it back home to pick up some things, then over to the southern part of the city just in time to have a fun afternoon of bowling and birthday fun.

Now we've come home to hang out for a while and decide what we're up to tonight. I had a few free minutes, so I thought I'd do some updating. Oh, by the way, I may change the appearance of my blog, so if you come back someday soon and see that it's very different than it looks now, well, it's on purpose. Some change might be good.


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