Sunday, May 09, 2004

It's invisible to you, but Blogger did a major redesign on their interface -- and it looks like they've added quite a few features -- and it looks great. I'm sure it will take some getting used to, but it seems like it should be easy.

The end of last week was pretty unexciting, but the weekend was fun, so I'll skip the boring parts and only give you the interesting bits. That way it seems like I live a really exciting life with no boring moments whatsoever.

Friday I left at a reasonable time and went with Shana to Ikea to help her pick up a cyborg (at least that's what we've been calling it. It's actually a sideboard) for her apartment's ongoing renovation. I picked up some glasses and a Mother's Day gift for Mom. I think she'll like it. I'm going to try to get it sent out right away Monday, but I'll really have to figure out how I'm going to do that considering the meetings planned for the day -- plus, I get to go see Van Helsing and that will take up some of the day.

After we dropped the cyborg off at her place I drove to Broadway to meet Pat, Angel, Kate, and Katie for dinner at a Mexican place that I can't remember the name of, but it was pretty good. I had a margarita and, wow, I could feel it before I was half finished. It's funny how not drinking and not eating carbs will mess with your alcohol resistance. After dinner we went to Kate and Katie's and watched the horrible Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Katie loves bad movies and this one fit into that category well.

Saturday I did some reading and my laundry in the morning, then went for breakfast at a place down the street from where I live. I forget the name. In the afternoon I waited for Shane to call so we could go get comics. Eventually he did -- he'd been busy setting up his new bed -- and I went to pick him up. After comics, we hung out at his place for a while and he and Cathy started calling people to set up an impromptu get-together because it was Shane's birthday. Within an hour or so, we had a roomful of people; Shana, Ethan, Anna, Jen, Hayes, and Shane, Cathy, and me. We had a good time watching some of Shane's new Samurai Jack and Aqua Team Hunger Force DVDs, listening to music, and eventually, watching PCU. Food arrived very late, bummer, but the girls made a birthday cake (smelled great) so that made dinner fun for everyone but Hayes and I who are Atkinsing. I left around 1:30 and made it to bed by 3:00.

I slept in Sunday. And I needed it. I was very bad last week about not getting enough sleep. I talked to mom and wished her a happy Mother's Day. She had a great story about something that happened Saturday night/Sunday morning.

There was a thunderstorm (oh, how I miss them) and she woke up in the middle of the night when a bolt of lighning hit nearby. The thunder shook the house as it always does when lightning stikes close by. Everything was fine, so she went back to sleep. A while later she rolled over and saw a reddish-orange flickering light in the hallway. For a moment she thought the house might be on fire, but when she got up to investigate, she saw out the side window that there was a fireball raging in front of the neighbors' house. The police already knew about it and it was being taken care of, but apparently the lightning had hit the street, blasted a hole in it, split a power line and that's what was fueling the fireball. I'm not sure how electricity can keep a fireball going, but maybe there was a broken gas main or something, too. Pretty funky, though.

After talking to Mom, I an some errands; picked up a new pot to replant some cacti I have at work, some plant food for home, and I finally spent the last of my Christmas money on three CDs (Prince's Musicology, Modent Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News, and The Essential Johnny Cash) and the Samurai Jack DVD set. I'm looking forward to watching those. The style is incredible. I'm especially impressed by how little dialogue it uses. Plus, it was only $25. Cool.

This afternoon I picked up a bit in preparation for Seth and Chris' arrival, had dinner with Kevin and Kim, and worked on a bunch of characters for Tuesday's game of Mutants & Masterminds.

Now it's almost midnight, so I'm going to do something or other, then try to get to bed before 1:00. Wish me luck.


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