Monday, May 17, 2004

Saturday night Chris stayed home and worked on some things for his brugeoning practice he's establishing out here while Seth and I went to see Troy. It was an okay movie that I'd recommend for a matinee. I certainly won't buy it. It just wasn't good enough to get me really jazzed up. I was a little disappointed that they decided to take all of the mythological elements out of it. Although that did lead to an interesting idea that none of the characters involved were "magical" at all, and instead their legend just built up over the years to the point that they attained mythical status. Interesting, but I'd have rather had the mythical bits. Peter O'Toole was the best part, but Eric Bana and Brad Pitt were okay.

Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing that I can remember other than going to Marymoor Park to watch people fly remote-controlled planes (very cool) and play some City of Heroes with friends all over the country (Seattle, Madison, and Green Bay). That was fun.

I started watching my copy of Buffy season five, which was nice. I'd like to get through them all soon, so I don't feel bad about picking up the next batch in the next couple of weeks.

Monday was Seth's first day at work. That seemed to go well and I doubt I'll say much more about this subject here.

This evening I had a nice, long talk with Brain in Tampa. He's a great guy and I really hope I'm able to see him again soon. It's funny how good of friends we are considering we only really know each other from phone conversations and meeting at conventions. After we talked I had some dinner with Chris, Seth, Kevin, and Kim, then came home to work on things for the third session of Mutants & Masterminds. Now I'm going to watch more Buffy and go to bed.


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