Monday, July 05, 2004

Turns out I was wrong. We weren't going to go out on the boat Monday, but on Sunday. Regardless, after I figured it out I made it to the get-together with no problems. I'll backtrack a bit.

Friday I helped Shane and Cathy take their new kitchen table home since it wouldn't fit in/on their car. Seth came with and afterwards all of us, plus Kate (who only lives a couple of blocks away) went out for dinner at Julia's Restaurant on Broadway. It was a very cool, very affordable, very good place to have dinner. Probably a great date place.

Afterwards we were thinking about seeing a movie with Shana, but we finished too late to be able to make it to a film -- so instead we looked through a bookstore for a while and then hung out at Shane and Cathy's for a little while.

Saturday I woke up much later than expected when Seth called to ask about comics. I got up, got ready and he came over, but we couldn't reach Shane. So we waited a while, tried again. Rinse. Repeat. Finally, about an hour later we decided to go anyway. It was Free Comic Book Day, so we got loaded up and trundled home. Seth went home to write and I did more laundry. A while later Shana called to see about doing some movies, so we organized it and went to see Dodgeball, eat dinner, and then see Farenheit 9/11.

I thought Dodgeball was pretty funny. Lots of goofy stuff that's completely unbelievable, but it was still a lot of sarcastic, mocking fun. Farenheit 9/11 was interesting. I wish we had people of character as our leaders. I really do. And no, this movie is not what made me think that. No matter which party is in charge it seems that they're more interested in making money for themselves and their friends than they are in doing the right thing. If I cared more I might feel like becoming political, luckily, I don't care more.

Sunday I cleaned a bit, then went to Jen and Hays' to go out on the boat. We left around five o'clock and didn't return until midnight, so it was a long trip. We run under power for a while, then put up the sail until we got to Elliot Bay. After some fiddling with the anchor and having to move because we were too close to the fireworks barge, we settled in, made some dinner, and watched the fireworks. It was a very good show. Very consistent, but I didn't think it lasted very long. But, like I said, it was a very good show. Some of the fireworks were really amazing.

Monday was a holiday, so I went to work for a while to get some things done while no one would bother me, then went to Seth's for dinner and a movie. He'd rented Down With Love. It was a fun movie with a lot of style. I recommend it. (Especially to Shana, whom I have to remember to tell this movie about.)

Now I'm going to take care of some bills and go to sleep.


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