Monday, October 25, 2004

Sick and Tired

It's late and I have a sore throat. It started as a scratch last night and this morning it was the beginnings of a good, old-fashioned cold. It's been annoying all day, but I feel mostly okay. Luckily it hasn't gotten in the way of anything because I've spend most of the weekend editing. While I'm on that subject, I'm happy to report that I only have 30 pages to go. I'll be done by the end of the week easily -- and I'll be able to put in some extra time into it and come up with some other good stuff to add to the project.

Last week was good. Thursday I played in the final session of the Savage TV game. It was complete blast! We had a great time. I'd love to run that game sometime. It's the perfect introduction to adventure gaming.

Friday I made some salmon and salad and edited the night away.

Saturday I slept in, picked up Seth and Jason, went to get comics, then went to see those freaky puppets in Team America: World Police. It was funny, but I wish it had been more clearly political. As it was it mostly glossed over all the things that are wrong with our government at the moment. It could have been much more biting and poignant.

Saturday was fun because I'd been recruited to distract Jason for a while so his wife could prepare his surprise party. It was good to have an excuse to get out and about with Jason a bit more away from work. The party was fun, but more throat had started to get sore on the way over, so that sucked.

That's all I have. Oh, except if anyone has ideas for a Halloween costume for me, I'll take them! Feel free to email me or leave your ideas in the comments.

P.S. I tried to post this Sunday night, but didn't have any luck, so I'm posting it Monday morning.


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