Sunday, November 28, 2004

Almost Everything

I manged to do almost everything I wanted to this weekend. I didn't have a lot planned, mostly just relaxing and cleaning. So, I did a lot of those two things.

Friday I don't remember what I did all day. I know I went for breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Kirkland, went for comics with Seth, picked up some things to help organize my apartment, and played some City of Heroes, then went to see a midnight showing of This is Spinal Tap with Seth.

Saturday I did a lot more cleaning and game playing, then went to watch movies with Katie and Kate. They'd picked out some interesting movies -- very much not what you'd expect for a nice evening in watching movies. We started watching Keys to Tulsa, but it didn't draw us in, so we switched to The Saddest Music in the World. It was interesting, but very, very odd. It had characters, and a plot, and a narrative structure, but it didn't have all three at the same time. Plus it was filmed so that the edges of the scenes were blurred, so I kept feeling like I had to focus my eyes differently. Bleh. That part of it definitely didn't work for me.

The second movie was 42 Up. It's the latest in a series of documentaries that follow a group of 14 people from "different walks of life" in England. It started in 1963 when they were seven years old and they follow up every seven years thereafter. This film is from 1999. After seeing this film I'm very interested in seeing the other films in the series. Very cool. I think Tritz used to work with one of the guys featured in the documentary, too. Weird.

Sunday I found some more boxes to clean out. Now I have a lot more to sell or give away, plus a few things to sell. Woohoo. It's surprising how much stuff I've carried around with me for years that I don't need.

Doing all this cleaning makes me realize that I need to get some prints framed and find some way to store/organize some of my photographs.


At November 30, 2004 9:46 AM, Blogger Angel said...

Isn't it weird to come across people you recognize in public media like that? One of the photos is currently using in its ads is a friend I lost touch with shortly after I moved to San Francisco. Strange to look at that out of date version of her face every day after all this time.


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