Tuesday, April 12, 2005

24 Hours Ago

Twenty-four hours ago for me I was trying to remove the hubcap from the flat tire on my car. I'd just finished having a great dinner and an even better time with my friends for Cathy's Unbirthday party at the B&O and while driving home it felt like I hit something in the road, but no big deal, right? A couple of blocks later I hear a rumbilng coming from the front tire and simultaneously I think, "I have a flat tire."

I pulled over and sure enough; flat, flat, flat. Sorry, only one flat tire, but it was really flat. No biggie, I pull out the spare and all the fixin's, but I couldn't get the hubcap off -- sure, you can't do it when you want to, but the damn things will fly right off your car when you're not looking. So, what the hey, I pay AAA for something, so I called them and they sent someone about an hour later. I read A Hunger Like Fire while I waited. (Oh, yeah, I finished the first book of The Deed of Paksenarrion last week.) Five minutes after the guy arrived he finally managed to get the hubcap off and three minutes later the tire was changed and off I went. Hooray.

I mentioned it was Cathy's Unbirthday party and I should explain. She leaves for her home in South Africa on Thursday, so she'll be gone for her actual birthday, so we had her party Monday night instead. She's really looking forward to the trip, but not the 29 hours of transit (10 to London, a 9-hour layover, and 10 hours to South Africa). I think I'd go nuts.

I picked up some tea called Rooibos (also from South Africa) and a cool tea strainer so I could make the tea. Wow, is it good stuff. I think I'm addicted.

Time to edit.


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