Sunday, April 03, 2005

Holy Carp!

Holy carp #1: The Pope died the other day. That's sad. I don't agree with many of the things that come out of the Pope, but he definitely thought he was doing good work and I'm sure he was a good guy. Have a safe trip.

Holy carp #2: I went to see Sin City (the movie) on Friday -- I even skipped out of work early with a couple of co-workers -- and it was amazingly true to the original comics. I've never seen a more faithful adaptation; which is both good and bad. The visuals were stunning and the direction was very good, but some of the actors seemed to have decided that since they were acting in a comic-book movie that they could deliver lines as if they were cheezy lines that came from a comic book. In addition, because the movie was so true to the originals, well, let's just say that some of the original material wasn't the finest fiction ever put to paper. The Sin City books are good, but the best thing about them is the art, while the quality of the stories vary significantly. So, weak original stories, weak adaptations. That said, they did an amazing job and it was fun to see such a true adaptation.

I won't comment on the characterizations or men, women, power, heroes, and villains in the Sin City universe, they are what they are, black and white characters in a very gray world.

Holy carp #3: I saw the Battlestar Galactica miniseries today. I'd never seen the miniseries for a number of reasons, the big two being 1) I don't get that channel, and 2) the name of the series has too much nostalgia associated with it for me. There's no way I could think of the show without being sent back in time to when I wasn't quite ten years old. And, I guess I should throw in a third reason, so 3) I can't imagine that they'd be able to remake the show in such a way that it would be fresh and new and cool.

Boy, was I wrong.

The miniseries was, quite simply, amazing. Interesting, intelligent, inventive, exciting, new, and different. They took what was old and made it new again. They reinvisioned the universe while still acknowledging the old series in ways that were very cool. Now, if I could just get copies of the first season -- which apparently just had its season finale...

Now that the "holy carp" postings are out of the way... this weekend ended up being quite busy. Friday night after the movie, I played poker. Saturday I went to a birthday party for a co-worker, did very little editing, then went out for drinks late in the evening with the same birthday party crowd. Sunday Shana showed up early to spend the day at my place doing laundry. When she arrived I went to work to watch the aforementioned Battlestar Galactica series, finish cleaning up my desk (hooray), and play some City of Heroes. Then I went home, had dinner, and tried to edit, but Shana had the television on, so I didn't have very good luck with that.

Now I'm going to read more of The Deed of Paksenarrion (which I'm enjoying quite a lot, thanyouverymuch, Glenn) and go to bed.


At April 04, 2005 7:26 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

The new Battlestar Galactica totally rocks! I have to remeber to DVR it, as I seldom get to see it when it's actually on.


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