Thursday, April 14, 2005

So... What Have You Been Up To?

I haven't been doing a whole lot except working, so I have little new to report. See, I have this big deadline Friday for the new game and I've been trying to wrap everything up and turned in to editing. I turned some of it over late tonight, but I have more to work on tomorrow with some of the other designers. Actually, I'm pretty happy with how this game has turned out. I hope it does well, because I think it's one of the better games we've made. I guess we'll find out in August.

Cathy left for South Africa today. Shane will be at loose ends a lot over the next three weeks, so I'll probably see him a bit more during that time.

My editing project is going well, but I will have to spend most of the weekend working on it if I plan to get it done on time. And I do.

I didn't get to run D&D on Tuesday and I didn't go to the game tonight, both in favor of working on things at work. Next week should be back to normal. I hope.


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