Sunday, May 22, 2005

...and a new toy

Friday -- right after work -- a bunch of us went to a nearby restaurant to have birthday dinner for a co-worker's daughter. There were about a dozen of us and we had a great time. The girl (Clementine) turned seven and she's about the sweetest kid ever. Gifts weren't expected, but a number of us got her something anyway and she really appreciated it. She was very thankful and sweet. I think she thanked me three time on the way out to the car. Who knew that a My Little Pony castle would be so cool?

I wasn't hungry enough to eat at the birthday dinner, so I made something quick at home, then went to see Katie play at the Trabant Chai Lounge on 45th in the University district. She did a great job and I have a handful of pictures that I have to get to her soon. Afterward we went for some drinks with friends and co-workers. Katie and I always have a good time.

Satruday Seth and I did comics quickly, so that I could make it back downtown to the ferry by about 2:00. I had to make it over to Bainbridge for Viking Days in Poulsbo with a friend. I got a nice tour of her house (which is amazing) and then went to her mom's place for a day of good food and lots of conversation. I didn't end up leaving until after midnight and there was still a kitchenful of people there.

I don't know why, but after a full day around a bunch of people I barely knew I was really nervous. I don't know if it was due to having a couple drinks and then letting enough time pass that they wore off, or if it was just because I'm not used to having lots of people around and being social in a setting like that, but wow, was I uncomfortable by the end of the night. That said, I had a really good time and enjoyed meeting some new people.

Sunday I got up and dressed quickly so I could meet a friend for a day of checking out a street fair in the University district and then seeing a movie at the Seattle International Film Festival, but instead we talked for a while and that was about it. So, instead of the movie and such I ran some errands; picked up some games (which I haven't done in a long time), picked up some groceries and picked up my new toy -- a shaver/hair clipper -- which I just used to trim my beard. Exciting, eh?

If you haven't gone to vote for Katie yet, please do so. See the post below.


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