Sunday, June 26, 2005

Many Things and Goodbye to Rob!

Thursday night I ran the latest session of my Mad City game. For as much as it clicked the week before, it really didn't click this week. I dunno what I'm gonna do.

Friday evening I went to a co-worker's house and played poker with him and a group of his friends until 2:00 am. I had a very good time. It was entertaining to see how they all got along. As for the poker; I went from down over $20 to ending the evening about $3 ahead. So, a long evening of fun and I made a couple of extra dollars.

Saturday I did comics solo because Seth had a day of boardgaming to go to and, I found out later, Shane and Cathy were in Urgent Care because Shane hurt his knee badly on Friday. When I returned from running errands I walked down to the park in the center of town to check out the Bellevue Strawberry Festival. It was small and craftsy and lame, but I did get to have a good blackened salmon entree with salad and some chocolate-covered strawberries. Then I went to the gym. Good for me. After showering I met up with a bunch of people for dinner at the Broadway Grill.

Sunday I met Jason and a number of other people from work down in Seattle to watch Land of the Dead, the latest in Romero's zombie opus. It was okay. Probably worth a matinee, but it wasn't particularly worthwhile. It was more of an action movie than a good, psychological horror movie about survival. Then I went to the gym. Good for me. (That's three times this week for those of you counting at home.) Then it was time for the weekly City of Heroes game. Now I'm going to read.

Finally, Rob left yesterday for his hitch in the Navy. Crazy. I haven't lived around him for a while, but I always had a good time with him. It will be interesting to see how he handles the military. And then it will be interesting to see where he ends up living after the training and schooling. I have to say, he really got serious about getting in shape, he went from a few pounds overweight to being in very, very good shape due to a regular schedule of running. He even ran a marathon earlier this year after about a year of training. Crazy what dedication will do.

Anyway, good luck to you!


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