Monday, June 13, 2005

Still Here

Yep, I'm still around, I just didn't update last week. I can't even say that I didn't feel like updating, I just didn't sit down and do it. The week was pretty normal on all fronts, so I won't reiterate the boring parts of it.

This weekend I manged to get a lot of things taken care of. I took things to my storage unit, got my car's oil and transmission fluid changed, I stopped by the office of the new 24-Hour fitness in town and upgraded my membership to all the gyms because they're waving the fees and it'll only increase my monthly fees a bit.

Speaking of the gym, I've decided to start going again. I was doing so well a while ago with my weight and I've completely screwed it up now. So, no more screwing around. I'm going to make it part of my routine again and see what I can do.

I'll try to update more this week.


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