Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Not In A Bad Mood

I feel a bit deflated and defeated, but I can't say I'm in a bad mood.

I went to the doctor's today to talk about the whole lack of weight loss thing. See, in the last three months I've managed to gain about 25 lbs. From my lightest weight of 295, I'm now up to 320 again. Ugh and Argh.

"Any changes in your life?" he asks. Nope, not really. I have a new job, but now I spend less time at work than before and I'm going to the gym and walking again. He looks perplexed, but suggests a couple of options. Luckily I'm generally healthy, with a resting heartrate of 72 and a blood pressure of 132/82.

So, neither of us knows what the hell is going on. He claims I shouldn't have to kill myself to lose weight, so my 40+ minutes of sustained aerobic exercise three to five times a week should be adequate. But here I am again. I'll keep at it.

Friday night I'm having dinner with a small group of friends, then meeting a much larger group for drinks at Sully's Snowgoose Saloon on Phinney Ridge at about nine o'clock. If you're bored and/or in the neighborhood, please stop by. It should be a fun group of people -- plus the bar's smoke free.


At July 28, 2005 6:28 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Hey Jon,
MEthinks I smell a need for a minor tweak to a hormone somewhere. When I have my thyroid well undercontrol and excercise the weight falls off me. Then I stop exercising and sometimes let my thyroid get a little irregular (forget the occasional pill on a weekend, etc.)
The levels on some of the possible hormone culprits can be tricky because there's so much individual variance in 'normal.'
I'm sure the doc's looking at all sorts of things, but it really sounds like there may be SOME sort of body chemistry issue going on.

Good luck!

At August 01, 2005 10:49 AM, Blogger Alan Kellogg said...

Hi Jon,

Kevin could have something there. But first take stock of your eating habits. People do tend to underestimate how much they eat. All in all I hope you track down what's keeping your weight up and start shedding some serious mass.

I've linked to your tale of fitness woe.

Maybe somebody'll come by with useable advice. The most important thing is, keep plugging. If Bruce Cordell can lose weight, you can lose weight.

At August 08, 2005 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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