Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend Together

I spent much, rather, most of the weekend with Julia. That's her name, by the way. I don't think I mentioned it earlier.

Friday night we went to Kirkland for a drink at Hector's then dinner to Cactus for dinner, after which we met Seth, Liz, and Crabby in Bellevue to see the fourth Harry Potter movie. I'd seen it already, but none of them had, so they were keen to see it.

Saturday Julia and I ran a bunch of errands throughout the day and later in the day met Shane and Cathy for coffee (actually tea and sandwiches) at the B&O, then went to Liz's party -- her last before she leaves for Massachusetts at the end of the year. We didn't stay long, but it was good to see Liz off -- even though I'll see her at work for the next week. As we were driving out of town we decided we were kind of hungry, so Julia pointed me toward the 13 Coins restaurant. It's pricey for a 24-hour restaurant, but it has a lot of character. I hope to get some of the crew over there soon.

Sunday we met with Shane and Cathy again, this time to get comics and some lunch at one of the small cafes around Pike Place Market. We had a great time talking and wandering around, unfortunately Shane and Cathy had to take off for work, so we parted ways and headed back to Renton so I could pick up some new shoes for the gym (wow, have I needed new shoes for a while) and drop Julia off at her place.

I had a nice dinner with Seth, the came home to get some things taken care of around here. Now I've listened to all of my news podcasts and I'm really tired, so I think I may relax with some reading and get to bed.

One more thing, I can't beleive it's only a week and a half until Christmas. I need to get some shopping done for my friends in this part of the world. I wish I had a clue as to what everyone wanted. Ah, well, I have a project for this week. It should be fun to take care of.


At December 12, 2005 12:46 AM, Anonymous wilhelm said...

Ah, 13 Coins. Wrap yourself in leather upholstry, dig into steak or some nice pasta, and hope that Frank, Dean or Sammy drops by just to say howya doin? Where else can you feel like a member of the Rat Pack at 2 in the morning!?


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