Monday, February 06, 2006

The Eagle Has Landed

I talked to my little sister Monday night to see if the box of goodies I'd sent to my nephews had arrived. Sure enough, they had and the Batman t-shirt when over big. Brett saw it and told his mom, "Uncle Jon has one just like that!" and immediately put it on. Jess liked the new Bone books and was already reading the next in the series. He's probably read more than I have at this point. Sometime soon I'll dive into the complete collection I have, but until then Jess will have the advantage.

I went to see Capote this evening. I've been wanting to see it since before all the awards hype because Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in it and I think he's one of the greatest actors working today. The movie was good. Disturbing in a couple of ways, actually, but very good. See it if you think you'll like it. It's not a renter, really, so while it's on the big screen is the time to do it.

Otherwise I've been watching episodes of Ben 10 that Kevin TiVo'd for me and working on some characters for Seth's DC game on Tuesday. I have too many options and only one that appears to work well.

Now it's time for some rest. Later.


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