Monday, February 06, 2006

Final Destination 3...3!?

I sat down in front of the television this evening to see if there was anything on, there wasn't, but I saw an ad for the new movie Final Desination 3. I don't remember Final Destination 2, but really, did we need a third movie in the series? Were the first two that good? Were they even that profitable? It makes me think that some decisionmakers in Hollywood really aren't that "with it". Ah, well, I guess it employed a number of people for a while, so some good came from it.

As for the rest of the weekend, Friday night I played poker in Tacoma at the friend of a friend's. I did really well at the start, but then lost, lost, lost. It was very sad. In addition, Julia had had a particularly bad day and I wasn't there to be a shoulder to cry on, so I felt bad about then when I talked to her about it later. Everything's good now, though.

Saturday, I picked up Julia and we went to get comics, then went to her parents' place for some good snacky food and a couple of hours of playing "42", which is a game that uses dominoes and is (or was) apparently a popular game in Texas (which is where her grandfather brought it from). It was interesting. Ah, I found a Website about "Texas 42", check it out if you're curious.

That night we went to see Katie play at the Showbox down by the Pike Place Market. Unknown to all of us, she was the headlining act. That was good and bad; good because she had a nice ad in the papers a while ago pushing the show, and she got top billing on the kiosk (which was pretty cool to see), but it was bad because she went on at midnight and all the fans of the bands that played earlier in the evening had cleared out by then. Anyway, the show was good and I was happy to see the girls again. We're going to try to get together for a movie night sometime soon.

Sunday was pretty lazy. Julia and I hung out at the bookstore for a while, then picked up a few things for Jen and Hays' Super Bowl party. We showed up a bit late to that, but we had a good time lazing around on the couches with everyone, making inappropriate jokes, and generally not paying too much attention to the game. It was a good time -- and like I said, nice and lazy. After the game I dropped Julia off and came home to do some reading. Now it's time for bed.

Oh, today was my younger sister's youngest son's 5th birthday, so happy birthday to him. I sent him a gift last week (should arrive Monday, if my guess is right). I was quite happy to send him a Batman t-shirt along with a bunch of Bone and Akiko graphic novels for his brothers. They've really enjoyed the first two collections and I found the following four when I was going through my things a while ago.

I have to work on my story outlines for the writing group. We canceled last week due to illness, so I'm sure we'll reschedule for sometime soon. I have to remember to talk to Seth and Jason about that.

Talk more soon.


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