Thursday, April 17, 2008

Got it!

I just noticed that my blog has now had over 40,000 visits. Whoo!

I've been busy wrapping up some projects. I'm hoping to get things done a little before their deadlines so I can get feedback before the final due date. It's been very interesting work.

One of our cats is quite the little huntress and every now and again we wake up to find a large dead spider on the floor of the kitchen. There was a bit of a different scenario today as I walked upstairs today and found a spider laying there. It was of average size compared to the others she's found and killed, but this one was found during the day apparently.

For the hell of it, I decided to take a picture and show all of you. How fun, eh? (I put the quarter there for comparison. The spider wasn't trying to steal it.) Its legs are actually folded in on itself because he was all deadlike, so in life he would have looked quite a bit bigger than he appears here. Yikes.
I gave him a burial at sea.


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