Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Life

Things haven't been all stress and worry lately. Life has progressed apace and generally things are well. I'm especially reminded of how good things are when I get comments, emails, and phone calls from friends (from all over the world) telling me how cool, awesome, intelligent, and employable I am. (Thanks, all!)

I forgot to post a few Fridays ago that Julia and I and her parents went to see an exhibition of Roman art from the Louvre that's currently on display at the Seattle Art Museum. I don't know if you'll poke around that site, but you can listen to the audio tour and download a bunch of other information if you want. As for the exhibit, it was very impressive, informative, and interesting. I loved the HBO series on Rome so it was particularly exciting to see sculptures and read/hear actual historical accounts of those people.

We've been busy lately making a lot of choices for the new house. Specifically the paint for the wall, the color of the hardwood floors and carpeting, but the largest number of choices have revolved around the kitchen. We're still not quite done there, but it looks great so far and we should finalized things soon. We went last Friday afternoon to look at slabs of granite for the kitechen island and the countertop; we didn't make a final call, but we're down to a handful of choices.

The house next door is going up. The foundation is now laid, the drainage is in, and just today they dug up a portion of our front yard in order to get to the sewer. I'm a little upset that they had to dig out two small roses bushes, but we may be able to save them. We'll see.

My freelancing is going well. I've been filling time researching, but that work is dwindling. I'll be following that up with some editing, which shouldn't take long. Apart from that I'm busily applying for jobs and hoping something comes through soon.

This past Saturday I played D&D with Tyler and some of his friends for the first time. It was nice to get to play instead of run and I'm hoping the game continues. Considering we're only playing once a month I give it a 50/50 chance of continuing for more than a few months. We're playing the Savage Tides adventure path, which should be fun.

Contact me if you have a job for me or know someone who needs a condo.

Okay, done now.


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