Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hoses and Hoses

We have a number of nice, fairly mature (though newly purchased and planted) evergreens in our yard. Julia has been worried about them because you need to keep newly transplanted trees like this well-watered for a good year or two in order to ensure their survival. She is the plantmistress and she knows about such things. We've received some nice overnight (why isn't overday a word?) rains along with some intermittently rainy days lately, so we haven't needed to water them yet. That's a good thing because we didn't have any hoses. Last night the list of things we needed from the hardware store had grown to the point that we finally went to the local Lowe's and picked up four 75' soaker-hoses (hoses that leak water from their length and supply the "deep-soaking" I mentioned earlier), a sprinkler, some felt pads for the bottoms of chairs, tables, etc., and a new electrical plug for the dryer.

I hated to pick up the last item because I know somewhere we have an electrical plug for the dryer. But the piled up dirty laundry called, so we bought the thing anyway. Then I crawled behind the washer and dryer, installed the new plug, attached the the things that needed to be attached and fired them both up. Unfortunately, the nice, cool, hi-tech, metal hoses that "they" recommend you use to connect your water lines to your washer automatically blocked the water because of too much pressure. I like the idea of the safety-valve hoses, but in practice they completly suck. They've never worked correctly. So, I pulled the washer out and put the regular, old rubber hoses on and everything was good to go.

Isn't that damn exciting?

Why the hell did I even write about all that?

Well, at least I have clean clothes again.

I didn't make any progress on my office, but that's the plan for tonight; bookshelves, books, general organizing.

I bet you can't wait to hear about it.


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