Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm still very tired from the move and my elbow hurts like a sonofagun, but the house is coming together. Julia's done the lion's share of the work and has managed to get the kitchen and living room into great shape really quickly. She's also made good progress on her studio and with bringing things in from the garage and finding places for them. I've been helping when I get home after work, but usually just with the heavy stuff or things she's too burned out to handle. Just last night I managed to get into my office and set up my desk, so now I can make some serious progress in there. I hope to get the nice bookshelves in there tonight.

We've both been carrying a lot of things upstairs when we go. We've sort of promised each other that we'll never go upstairs emptyhanded. It's a nice way to handle things because we're not spending concentrated time carrying things upstairs, so we get a lot done but don't get all sore and tired from it.

Julia called yesterday to get Comcast to hook us up for cable. The first person she talked to thought Renton was in the state of Seattle, then thought Washington was Washington D.C., but by the end of the conversation Julia'd managed to talk her into putting 'WA' as the state's abbreviation. Anyway, two people later we find out that while our neighbors all have cable, they aren't too sure if we do. Since the house is so new and the street is only recently named/renamed they have to send someone out to see if we're covered. That could take seven to ten days, but the woman was going to try and speed that up since we were already in the house. I hope things get resoved quickly, it sort of sucks to be out of the loop for that long.

I've been making good headway on reading Mutant City Blues. It's interesting to read Robin's games because he does such a good job of picking an aspect or two of a genre then tweaks it in such a way as to make it both like and unlike what you'd expect. In this case he tackled superpowers, but unlike most superpowered games, he's severely limited what powers a character can have and made them, be necessity, very predictable. Other supers games approach the subject in such a way as to give the players as much choice as possible, allowing for any combination of powers and abilities. Both ways work, but Robin's solution is great because it gives flavor to the world of MCB while at the same time making it possible to marry the police procedural to the superhero game. Good stuff.

Unrelated: I tried to post from an iGoogle gadget today, but had no luck. I'll continue to experiment.


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