Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots of Running

Friday night we took it easy and hung out around the house. Julia was preparing for a jewelry show that started at 9:00am Saturday, which meant she had to have everything boxed up and ready to load in the car by the time we went to bed. I mostly stayed out of her way and watched TV and worked on some Green Ronin stuff.

Saturday we were up early, loaded the car, and drove the ten(?) minutes to the church the show was being held at. It was a quick trip and Julia was ready to go by the time the doors opened at nine. I spent the day working on more for Green Ronin and trying to figure out why my computer keeps telling me it doesn't have a hard drive when I try to re-install Windows. I'm sure it's some setting that's not correct, but I can't figure it out. Regardless, I had a good day watching a couple of shows (including the first episode of the new Brave and the Bold cartoon) and working on my projects.

I picked Julia up at 3:00, packed everything up, picked up a late lunch and went home. She was wiped out from the show and the week or so of prep work that goes into them, so she relaxed and spent the evening in. I pretty much did the same, although I left around 7:00 to go to ACME Bowling to meet up with the crew that was out to celebrate Shana's birthday. I didn't recognize some of the people, but the old crew from WizKids was there, so I had a blast talking with them and just generally catching up. I took off around 10:00, just as the bowlers were starting their third game of the night. I would have bowled, but my elbow wouldn't handle it at all.

Sunday morning we were up and out early again. This time to try a new coffeehouse near our place that served breakfast. They had tasty sandwiches and yogurt for a reasonable price, so we'll probably go there again. Plus, Julia said the coffee was pretty good, too. After breakfast we went to check out Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Ross, Nordstrom Rack because we want to get some bedding for the guest room and because Julia had some gift cards to use. We found some good things, but we didn't buy much because we want to check for better prices online. The big score were some new shoes for Julia; comfy and cool.

I went to Dylan's in the afternoon for gaming, but we didn't have anything planned, so we talked about what to do next week, played a board game, and left early.

Despite all of our running around, Julia and I didn't really get to spend much time together this weekend, so we spent the evening hanging out around the house. It was nice and relaxing.

So, there you go. That's the last few days for me.

Oh, on the WizKids front, I've now heard of two companies that are trying to acquire the licenses/rights to their games. I'd like to do that same, but we need money/investors to pull that off.

My computer's going to run out of power, so I'm signing off. Later.


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