Monday, June 15, 2009


It's 8:50pm and I'm still at my desk (and I was here at 8:00am this morning) because I had some work to catch up on. If I had a computer at home I'd be there, but this is just as comfortable (probably moreso). The only drawback is the 35 minute walk home -- and like the headline says, I'm feeling a bit zombiefied. Ugh.

Last week at work was good, but the big news is that I had to pack up my office on Friday so they could move me across the street to the new annex. The company continues to grow pretty aggressively and a number of departments were shuffled to the new buidling to give us all more room. I think it'll work out fiine, but it does kind of stink to be away from the heart of the company.

Since we couldn't be at work this weekend, Jim and I drove down to Santa Cruz on Saturday and spent a couple of hours walking around. There's a nice boardwalk amusement park there. It's free to enter, so we did, and you can buy tickets to ride all the rides, which we didn't. Regardless, it was fun to walk through the park, look at the rides, people-watch, and relax. We also walked on the beach (and saw the ocean down here for the first time). After a couple of hours we hopped back in the car and drove back to the homestead so we could go to Randy and Amy's house for some gaming. We didn't actually do any gaming and instead watched a movie, had dinner, and talked (mostly about gaming) for the evening.

My D&D game is on hold for the time-being due to work deadlines for some of the players, but that's fine with me because the game hasn't been clicking like I want it to. I have to give that some thought, but I won't do it here.

On Thursday I fly home for my regularly scheduled trip home to see Julia. It's only been about a week and a half since my last trip, but this one was scheduled a while ago. Plus, it's really nice to see my girl.

Okay, time to walk home.


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