Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Updating in the middle of the day! Shame on me!

I just wanted to quickly post a note about the weekend. I'm proud to say I didn't do a damn thing. I slept at least eight hours every night -- which is a lot for me -- and watched some movies, read, and took care of the cats. The movies I saw were Donnie Darko and Ghost World. Donnie Darko is interesting and includes some good dialogue, but it's worth a rental and it's especially worthwhile to watch the commentary track because you get a much better idea of what the writer/director was trying to do. I never thought I'd say this, but, Patrick Swayze was great in this movie. Very funny. Ghost World was very, very good and I wish I'd seen it in the theatre. Well written, well acted, interesting and involving without being a painful collection of awkward vignettes loosely strung together to create a story. Overall it was excellent and I recommend it. I may even go and buy it -- I just wish it had a commentary track. I was disappointed by the lack of one.

Next, I watch Training Day. It's nice to have a Blockbuster nearby.

The sitecounter is at something like 955 and I'm excited to see it approaching 1000, despite the fact that it's probably only about a dozen people who stop by regularly.



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