Sunday, June 02, 2002

Quick update. Gotta go soon.

So, my friend was fired on Friday and I decided to be sure to see him Saturday which I did, but, man, was it a busy day. I got up early to help another friend from work move, then drove back to Bellevue from Seattle to pick up Kev and buy comics. He was tres bummed, but eventually started talking -- which was a good thing. When we were done I dropped him at home and then went to work. I talked to the handful of people there and picked up Matt. He and I went shopping for food and a grill (Woohoo!), then went to my place, put the grill together and prepared all of the food for the first Dinner Night! Kev was supposed to come, but didn't think he'd be very good company, so it was just me, Matt, and Carrie. We grilled BBQ chicked, had salad, brie and bread, and talked the night away. When the food was gone we watched Fight Club until the wee hours of the morning (really it was only about 11:30). Carrie left, I drove Matt home, and then I went home and crashed (um, in bed, not in my car).

We had a great time and I hope we actually keep this going for a while.

Today I did laundry, wrote an article for work, and had sushi with the rather large handful of people that were working today.

Tonight!...I have no idea what I'm going to do. Maybe go see a movie.

Oh, I skipped the gym Friday, yesterday (although I moved lots of stuff), and today. My shin still hurts, but is feeling better. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back at 100%.

Let's hope.


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