Monday, December 02, 2002

I've decided to work on my math skills. I've always been...not so good...with math and figured it was about time I did something about it. I picked up Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos for some general help and Arithmetic and Algebra Again by Brita Immergut and Jean Burr Smith. The latter is a workbook with lots of examples and problems to work through. I'll let you know how all this goes.

Picking these up further convinces me that I really would like to be able to stay awake all the time. The things I could learn! The things I could fill my time with! Ah, it'd be great! It continues to surprise me how many people think my desire to never sleep is weird. Maybe I know I could fill the time with things. Maybe after a few years I'd get tired of constant activity, but I really don't think so. There's just so much to do. I don't like that I'll sleep for a full third of my life. If I live for 75 years, I'll only experience 50 years worth of life. Personally, I'd rather have all 75 years.

I was completely demotivated at work, but I have a lot to do, so I'll get down to business tomorrow. Lots to do. Oh, and I have my review first thing in the morning. That should be good. It'll be my first review in this position. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm very happy with how the gym has been going lately, but I continue to be frustrated by the fact that women don't seem attracted to me. It's very frustrating and really knocks the wind out of my sails when I think about it. The specifics in this case revolve around the friend of a woman at work. I thought she was cute, but was warned off because she's looking for a rich, Italian pretty-boy. Hmm, yeah, that sounds like someone who's a little hung up on appearances and her own "list". So, whatever. Then another guy at work (not rich or Italian, possibly a pretty-boy) decides he'd like to go out with her. And within a week and a half they've gone out a handful of times and things are moving along. Yippee.

Yeah, it's silly, but it's still annoying.

Time for dinner and the gym.


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