Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Mom and Grandma left yesterday morning after four or five days of fun and adventure out here in the Seattle area. I would have posted something sooner, but I didn't spend much time here at work and I've spent the last day or so playing catch-up and trying to get an article or six written for Campaign.

During the visit we went to Pike Place Market on Friday and walked for a bit to check out the stalls and stores. We also swung by the space needle and took a ride to the top. I hadn't been up there and it was pretty cool. They have "fun facts" and "games" peppered throughout the viewing deck to keep you entertained. I'd like to get back there sometime to investigate those more. For now I'm happy to have gone.

Saturday we drove to Tacoma to see the Museum of Glass. Also very cool. I really liked the hot room. In this room they had a college auditorium set up so that spectators could sit and watch the people on the "lecture floor" make something from glass. We watched them make a goblet. It was very, very involved. After our taste of culture we felt we needed to stop by the Muckleshoot casino on the way home.

Sunday was a fairly lazy day. We checked out some stores and relaxed. I think Grandma has Mom addicted to crosswork puzzles from this trip. Grandma was already addicted.

Monday I went to work for a bit, then picked them up for sushi at Sushi Land. Mom didn't like it so much, but she was a trooper and at least tried it. Grandma kind of liked it, but nothing really caught her fancy. It was their first time though, so I can't blame them. I didn't like it after my first time either.

Tuesday was were up early and I dropped them at the airport. Then it was time for work. After work I stayed to work on the article for Campaign. Oh, and I picked up a very good special edition of LIFE featuring info on mobsters and gangsters. It has lots of great pictures and very succinct info about the big wigs of the time.

Oh, I was given a copy of d20 Modern and it's very good. I spent most of the weekend reading through that so I could write the article using it. I also plotted out the next session of my Buffy game for this Saturday.

No gym for me until I wrap up my writing. Too bad, 'cuz I want to go.

Now I go to write some more!


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