Thursday, November 07, 2002

Mom and Grandma made it in at about 4:30 today and things have been fun. We picked up their bags and drove back to my apartment. It was funny to listen to them talk about what a big city this is -- especially since we weren't even in the city. They really don't like the traffic and I can't blame them. Luckily, with all of us in the car we could use the HOV land (High Occupancy Vehicle lane, for those playing at home) and it took us much less time to get home that it took me to get to the airport. After we dropped everything off at my place we ran over to Target to get some pillows for them and then had dinner at Chantanee. I was very proud of both of them for being willing to try Thai food. We ordered way too much because I forgot how little they eat and how much food you get in an order. Oh, well, I guess we'll have leftovers. Grandma really, really, REALLY liked the Thai iced tea. Who can blame her? Then they were off to bed at 9:00, so I came out to work to write a bit, but ended up talking to a couple of the people that were working late. It was a lot of fun.

Jumping to other things. I stayed late last night to get things prepared for a playtest of the game I wrote last week. It went very, very well and will only require a bit of fanagling to get it to work. I'm very happy with how everything went and I'm really glad everyone liked the game. We had a blast playing it and there were very few points where we had to stop and ask questions. Very cool.

This morning I went to an annual physical at a new doctor. He seems very nice and very good. As is always the case when I go to the doctor he gave me a physical and then said, "You're in perfect health, you're just a little heavy." I love to hear that and dread it at the same time. If I'm in such damn good shape, why am I so out of shape? It's weird. He was amazed to hear how much I'd weighed and how much I'd lost, but the thing he was most amazed at was my blood pressure. I noted on my medical history that a couple of years ago I had borderline high blood pressure and when they took my pressure today it was 124/82 which is about as healthy as you can get for a 33 year-old guy. It's always fun when you can stun a doctor. I guess is illustrates just how effective a good diet and exercise program can be.

Tomorrow Mom, Grandma and I are going to have some breakfast, then come to work so I can show them around, then head into Seattle to the Pike Place Market. I'm not sure what else we'll do, but I think the plan for the weekend is to hit the Museum of Glass, and possibly the Space Needle. I'm not sure what else we'll do, but I have a good list of things. Mostly it'll be good to hang out with them.

Now I'm going to go home, read a little and go to sleep. They'll be up early.


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