Monday, January 06, 2003

I'm back in Bellevue, safe and sound. I returned late last night (about 1am), was picked up by one of the guys I work with, dropped at home, then I unpacked and was in bed by about 2:30. Then up at 8 or so for work. I'm very tired now.

I'll wirte more later, but I had a great time at home. I really wish my job were in Madison, I think my life would be nearly perfect if I could do this job, have all my friends around me and be close enough to my family to visit any old time.

Christmas was fun, I got lots of goodies that will be either very fun or very useful and I had a ball watching my nephews open their gifts. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I get to spend a bunch of money at Best Buy thanks to those ever-useful gift certificates. Woohoo!

Oh, here's a funny search that resulted in a hit on this page: enjoy!

Work is good. I settled into my new desk today -- or at least, I cleared it out enough so that I could actually sit down. I only had 91 emails waiting for me and I've gone through all of them already. Tomorrow I can start doing real work.

Hmm, I'm very disjointed tonight. Maybe I'll go home and go to bed now.



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