Sunday, February 09, 2003

I didn't actually go to the gym late Wednesday night like I said I was going to. Instead I went on Thursday. I just thought I should clear that up. During the day Thursday and Friday I arranged for my car loan and settled all of that with the previous car owner, so now I'm the owner of a new car! Hooray for me! I'll miss my old one -- I've had it for abot 8 years -- but I really needed a new one and this was a very good deal for a very good car.

Friday night I went with a bunch of people from work to have a farewell dinner for the woman who's moving back to Japan. It's too bad she's leaving, she was very good at her job and a great person, but neither she nor her husband are U.S. citizens and he's out of work, so he can't stay without a green card or work visa. Bummer. And she's 6 months pregnant. I hope they make the move without too many troubles. After dinner I went to the gym.

Saturday I woke up later than I wanted to and went to the gym for a while, then came back and played a game with some friends until about five o'clock. It looks like I'll be running the next series of games using the Deadlands: Hell on Earth setting. I have a couple of weeks to come up with a story, but it should be pretty fun. I like the Deadlands stuff.

Saturday afternoon I stopped by work for a bit to check some sites and print out directions for where I had to go that evening. Then I went to Ballard to pick up my date. Wow, did we have a good time. It's very odd to go out on a date with someone who's pretty much a complete stranger. I've typically dated friends, or women I at least knew a little bit before going out with them. This was different, though, because she's the co-worker of a co-worker's roommate -- and the two of them don't even really know each other well. Very weird. We had a lot of fun. Went out for a very good sushi dinner at Wasabi Bistro (the site seems underdeveloped at the moment). We ordered too much, but damn was it good. Afterward we drove to Pike Place Market and had a drink at El Bistro (I think), another at The Alibi Room, and then we stopped by another place, the name of which I don't remember. Then I drove her back to her car. We talked a lot, had a very good time together and will be going out again, soon.

Today (Sunday) I went to the Emerald City Comic Convention with a bunch of people from work. All told, there were eight people from work and the daughter of one of the people. It was a good time, but I picked up way too many books that looked like a lot of fun. A collection of 20 issues of Grimjack, a couple Elementals, some T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and a fair number of Weird War Tales featuring the Creature Commandos and G.I. Robot. Oh, I'm gonna have a good time reading those. Anyway, last night's date combined with today's trip to the comic con mean I have to be a little frugle for the next couple of weeks. Oh, and y'know, that whole "new car" thing, too. Lots of money going out the last couple of days.

I'm going to do a bit of work and then I'm off to the gym. Later!


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