Thursday, February 13, 2003

Now it's Thursday and I've been lax in my updating. Actually, Tuesday was pretty normal -- other than being really sore from my meeting with the trainer -- and Wednesday I was out so late I didn't get a chance to come here after my date. I'm sure at least one of you want's to hear more about that, so here we go:

I crammed all my work into my morning, so I could leave at 2:30, which ended up being 2:45. I found my way over to Cyndi's house in Ballard, got the tour of her house, and then we hopped back in the car to hit the Cinerama to see The Two Towers at 4:00. The theatre is pretty cool and I'm sure the technology involved is pretty impressive, but really, it was just a big theatre with a curved screen so more of the movie was in your peripheral vision. The screen wasn't as big as and IMAX, but that wasn't really the point. Anyway, it was a good movie-going experience. Cyndi hadn't seen the movie before and I was happy to see it again. She liked it better than the first movie.

After the movie we hopped back in the car -- happy to have not received a ticket for an expired meter -- and went to El Nino for a light dinner of Mexican food and margaritas. For most of the time we were the only ones in the place, so service was great! After talking and eating for about an hour and a half we walked across the way to another bar that was next to empty (Wednesday night must not be a big date night, or something. Who would'a knew?). We had a couple of drinks there and talked for another couple of hours. I learned some things about her that I won't write here, because they're her personal business and I don't really have the right to post them online. I'm sure you understand.

After finishing there we were going to go home, but as happened on Saturday when we were out, we really didn't want to end the date. So, we walked to another bar about a block down that wasn't closed yet and had a drink there (water for me at this point because I knew I'd be driving. I'm all responsible and stuff.) We had a good time talking with the bartender, who was a diver in the '80, '84, and '88 Olympics -- pretty cool -- and a handful of older guys who came in off the street and were drunk and talkative, plus they kept trying to buy us drinks, so they couldn't have been all bad. After that it was about midnight, so I took her home, said good night and was in bed by about 1:00. We had a great time and will see each other again.

At one point we were talking and she said that she was worried because she's so busy she doesn't have a lot of time to dedicate to dating and she wasn't sure if I'd be up for only seeing each other once or twice a week usually. I told her I'd thought about the same thing. Between all the time I put in at work, my own company, and the gym, I only have a day or two a week free. Anyway, we were both happy to hear that our expectations matched. Woohoo! We may get together on Friday, but if we don't it'll be next Wednesday. Either way is fine with me. I could handle going to the gym Friday since I missed going Wednesday and I wasn't able to go tonight.

Today I had to cram everything into the early part of the day because I left at 2:30 to watch a focus group look at and play a new game I wrote. It went well, but we were there from about 3:00 until 8:30. Interesting stuff. Afterwards I came back to do some work and update.

Oh, the trainer (at the gym) gave me a new menu of food and I've been really, really good about sticking to it. I'm very happy about that.

Now it's time for bed!


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