Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Today's Monday, but it feels like Tuesday. (Hmmm, actually, as I look at the clock I realize that it is Tuesday.) Work has been pretty much nonstop lately due to things for upcoming conventions and all the mockups of the new various games we're working on. Happily, everything seems to be coming together pretty well. Unfortunately, it means I have very little time during the day to get other things done, like, say, pay the tax on the car I just bought, visit my insurance agent so he can look over the car, tranfer the car to my name (actually I think the seller takes care of that), or finish up some things with the bank. I already told my boss that I'm going to skip out for a while Tuesday morning to take care of that stuff. If I need to stay a little later in the evening to make up for it, I'm cool with that.

I talked to Cyndi last night about seeing The Two Towers at the Cinerama in downtown Seattle. She hasn't seen it before and the theatre is supposed to be really, really cool. I've been hearing about it for a long time, so I'm pretty happy to finally be checking it out. And, y'know, it's a second date, which is good. In fact, the movie starts at 4:00 in the afternoon, so I'm leaving work early to go. I feel only slightly bad about that, but I figure I put in so much overtime that I'm due, plus, on Thursday I have a meeting from 3:00 all the way until 9:00. Ugh. It should be an interesting meeting, but still. Anyway, movie Wednesday. Very cool.

I met with my new trainer at the gym tonight. She seems very together and we had a quick but good workout. I can tell if I follow the advice she's giving me it should make a real difference. She has me doing things that I haven't been doing before. My muscles already hurt and I just got back from the gym a couple hours ago.

I decided to come to work tonight for a bit and work on some things for the second installment of my Mutants & Masterminds game tomorrow night. I made some good notes and wrote up a couple of characters. Things are looking good for that game. It's all coming together very well.

Okay, time to go crash. Very sleepy.


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