Sunday, February 16, 2003

Remember all those months ago when I posted on an almost daily basis? Me neither.

Okay, actually, I do, but I'm either not at work as much as I used to be, or I am at work as much as I used to be, but I don't have time to post. I don't mind either way, because I like what I do. I'd like to update more often so that all of my fans out there can get a more regular dose of the exciting happenings in my life. I'll have to see if I can work that out. Really, it comes down to the fact that if I update daily, then my posts seem kind of boring. If I update a whole bunch at once, then it seems like I have an exciting and interesting life and that I'm an exciting and interesting person.

I really like this Jack Johnson CD. (I post that link in your honor Jefe.)

Okay, the week ended with a taxing day of going shopping with my boss for a new Fisher space pen! I'm way excited about it, so please forgive my enthusiasm. I had a bunch of these years ago when I worked for Capital City Distribution and either gave them away or lost them all. But now I have a new one! It's black and sleek and fits comfortably in my pocket from now until I lose it!

Anyway, the real reason my boss and I went out shopping for three and a half hours was so that we could get pens (he'd lost his) and then go pick up reference material for an upcoming release for one of my lines. By reference material I mean comics. I know it's rough, but somebody's gotta go out in the middle of the workday and spend $150 on comics for work. And now I have to read them, too! Oh, the humanity! I guess I'll just have to suffer through. I'm sure I have your sympathy.

After work I went to the gym to do the new workout again. It went well and it's doing a good job of making me very sore. Afterwards I got a call from a couple of guys from work who were going to the Crocodile Cafe to see Carissa's Weird and The Prom (sorry, no site). We had a good time, but it was sort of a "none of us have dates on Valentime's Day so we're going to go out and do something anyway" kind of thing. Carissa's Weird was very good and I think I'll try to find some CDs by them. The Prom was okay. Sort of Ben Folds' Five-y.

Oh, I called Cyndi to see if she wanted to join us on our night out, but she had to study because she didn't get to on Wednesday. Hopefully I'll see her next week.

Saturday I hit the gym first thing in the morning, then the guys for the Saturday game showed up. We finished the "Pulp Cthulhu" game and started making characters for my Deadlands: Hell on Earth game that will start in a week or three. I vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and picked up a bit in order to prepare for moving my desk and computers from the bedroom to the living room. Once I get that done I'll be ready to buy a new computer. It was good to clean up, though, it needed it. I have a problem with clutter -- not dirt -- I just have piles of stuff that I know I should put away, but it's so handy to just set it aside and worry about it later. I guess lots of books and mail will do that.

In the evening I picked up a friend, had a good sushi dinner at the local sushi place, then went to Jefe's party. It was fun to see everyone again. I especially enjoyed hanging out with Kevin, Jeff, Meredith, and Jo. I was bummed that Matt wasn't there, but he's in France, so I'm sure he didn't mind too much. We all had some good talks and it was great to see that group of people again. There are a number of people there that I'd like to see more often. It's a very diverse group and many (note that I didn't say 'all') of them are very intelligent and interesting. I made plans (sort of) to get together with Matt and Meredith at some point soon. I always have a good time with them.

Sunday I went to the gym, saw Daredevil, and came to work. Okay, about Daredevil; it was a good movie. Waaaaaaaay overly dramatic, but still good. I don't think I'd recommend it too highly to people who didn't know the character, but for fans, it's a lot of fun. Especially all of the names of bit characters that are all taken from writers or artists of the Daredevil comic over the years: Miller, Mack, Bendis, Quesada, Kirby (played by Kevin Smith). It was pretty funny. Part way through we were even treated to a fire alarm and had to leave the building. That was fun. I'm sure everyone was thinking, "Terrorist attack" or, "We've gone to war, " or some such, but it ended up being nothing as far as we knew, and 20 minutes later we were back in the theatre.

That's really about all. I'm going to take off soon and go grocery shopping. Then read some. Then go to bed.


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