Sunday, November 16, 2003

I worked like a madman this week, although I managed to get to Angel's trunk show on Thursday evening. It was fun and interesting and I really liked seeing all of the clothes she'd designed and made herself. Had I more money, a better physique, and a any fashion sense, I'd probagbly ask her for something. Okay, I'm not being fair to myself, I have some fashion sense, I just can't seem to get myself to about fashion. There are two sides to it; 1) fashion is an extravagance, a luxury, and it doesn't matter because it doesn't make you anymore of an individual than you are without it, and 2) fashion is another way of expressing yourself, it's human plummage, it doesn't make you attractive -- it makes you more attractive. At least it ought to. I have, classically, been in the former camp, but as time passes I'm beginning to understand that latter bit of reasoning.

Anyway, there were many people at Angel's and it was fun to see them fawning over the clothes and trying if they could buy something and what it should be. I hope it went well for her.

Friday I (didn't go to the gym and instead) worked until about 12:30am, when I received an instant message from Katie who said, "Let's go to Denny's!" After talking for a bit, I agreed. She called Shana and twenty minutes later we were all at Katie's where we jumped in my car and went to Denny's. It was a nice way to end the evening and was pretty entertaining. Afterwards I stayed up way too late, so I didn't get up on Saturday until 10:30. Which, really, isn't too bad, but I had a lot to do. Again, no gym on Saturday. Instead, I found the tape I wanted to bring to Shana's birthday party, then I went to work for a few hours, then ran errands and had dinner before leaving for the party.

Shana turned 24, or some other age that's at least ten years gone for me. I hate her. There was quite a turnout for the party and, as directed by Shana, many of us had brought tapes for her Second Annual Short-Attention-Span Theatre. The premise is, everyone brings a five-minute snippet of a film to play for everyone. There were some really entertaining selections...although fifteen people x five minutes of video makes it sort of the opposite of "short-attention-span theatre". Even so, it was very fun. Happy birthday, Shana.

Sunday I got up and came straight to work (no gym, again) and worked until four o'clock, then went downtown to meet up with Shane to buy comics. I really gotta cut back on the amount I'm spending on comics. I'm not saying that because I spent a lot today, but last year I was buying fewer books than I am now. Heck, I was even talking about stopping collecting, but I couldn't because of work. Regardless, I really have to cut back. I'm going to look at my books and figure out what I can cut. There really are a surprising number of good books coming out right now, but after purchasing my new computer and now that I have to get an internet connection at home...well, those are more expenses than I can comfortably absorb. Woe is me.

Tonight I ran my D&D game. This was the last game for a while, probably until after the beginng of the year due to my upcoming travel and the holidays. Who knows, maybe the game will die completely, but it's been fun and since I'm running right out of a pre-written adventure, it hasn't taken much thought. We'll see what happens.

Okay, time for me to do some grocery shopping, then get back to relax for a bit before sleeping. I have a ton of work to do this week before I leave for a convention later this week. A ton of work. I'll be spending a lot of time at work over the next few days. Later.


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