Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So yesterday I was in a meeting with some people at work and I said, "Oh yeah. Do I need to get any shots or anything before I go to China next week?"

"Oh, yeah," my travel partner responeded, "You haven't done that? Hepatitis...but it's probably too late."

"Um, you couldn't have maybe mentioned this sooner?" I say.

"Oh, well I've never had them either, so it's probably not a big deal," she says.

So I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow to get some shots. Which is really good, because for all I know I'm working with Typhoid Mary.

Most of you know I spend many hours at work, until very late in the evening (he says noticing that it's 10:22 as he types this), but I tend to get in a bit late...9:30 or 10:00. I really need to be getting in earlier, so I started this morning. I was in by just a couple minutes after 9:00. Woohoo! Let's see if I can do it tomorrow, too.

It's the little victories, isn't it?

My next month is pretty much shot. In a good way, but it's almost pointless for me to try and plan anything aside from what I already have planned. Briefly -- gaming Thursday, movie with friends Friday, company holiday party Saturday, co-worker's birthday Sunday, leave for China next Wednesday for a week, the next Friday is a party at some friends', a couple days later I leave for home for two weeks, and then it's a month from tomorrow. And all of that is on top of my regular schedule of going to the gym, work, and whatever various grocery and book shopping. Oh curses! I also have to get a bunch of Christmas gifts somewhere in there.

And I need a new watchband. Mine mysteriously broke sometime in the past couple of days.

That's all from me.


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