Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm in Philadelphia at the show and I got the chance to do a quick update. Really quick.

The show is going well. I gave my presentation to our volunteers tonight and that was fun. They got to eat free food, listen to me blather on about our products, then play some games. They had some good questions for me and I think I gave them some good answers when I could. Hopefully they had a good time.

I managed to find a couple of books that I missed recently at the comic store, so that made me happy. I also talked to the people who make City of Heroes and that may lead to some good product swapping and other goodies in the future. Super-nice guys who are fans of my company.

I also talked our convention manager into donating one of our more popular figures to the folks at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, so they could auction it off. That made me very pleased. It's for a good cause and I hope they make some good money off it.

Okay, I have to be up early. And tomorrow night I get together with Kevin and Lori for dinner. That should be fun. I haven't seen them in a while. Later!


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