Monday, August 09, 2004

Working at Relaxing

I just finished typing in a list of the books and games I have to sell (one way or another). Most of it's d20 stuff, but there are a number of other roleplaying games and books on there too. If you're interested in seeing a copy of the list, drop me a line (link at right) and I'll send it off.

The game I was working on a while ago is now a non-issue. Not necessarily a bad thing because now I have a game completed if we ever need one.

I have to make some characters for a game Jim's going to run tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm really tired, so I don't think I'll be up much longer.

I ate at home tonight. Yes, that's noteworthy. I think too much of my money gets spent on eating out. I will be reining that in. Money has been too much of a stressor for me lately and I don't like it. That'll teach me to owe a lot of money.

It's warm tonight and the fan isn't helping much. This apartment doesn't move air well.

I like Jason's (link at right) idea for the one-sentence story. I may give it a shot when I'm feeling a bit more creative.


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