Monday, September 27, 2004

Double Duty

I didn't get a chance to update over the weekend, which is odd actually because I don't feel like I was all that busy, but I must have been.

Friday night I stuck around late at work and played City of Heroes with Seth and Shane. When we finished we decided to get some dinner. Seth was tired from working too hard (you can tell he's working hard because he hasn't been updating Ober Dicta), so he ditched out while Shane, Cathy, Shana and I went to eat at Coastal Kitchen. Coastal Kitchen apparently lacks a Website, but that's okay because they spend a lot of time on their restaurant. Every year or so they gut the place and redecorate it in a new style and change their menus to match that style. Their previous themes have included Jamaican, Cajun, French, Vietnamese, and more. Their current theme is Moroccan. Good stuff. It's on 15th in Capitol Hill if you're interested in going sometime.

Saturday I slept late -- and so did everyone I know. I think I was up earliest and that was about 11:15. Typical things Saturday; picked up comics with Seth, Shane, and Cathy, drove back to Bellevue, did some cleaning up at home, then went to Jason's to watch Shaun of the Dead. I'm not a big zombie-movie fan (not at all), but this was an excellent film. At least as good as many very good major studio releases. Definitley worth picking up if you see it. It surprised me how well-written and executed it was, with excellent moments of comedy and tragedy.

Sunday I had to be up early to meet Matt at work so we could carpool over to Ethan's to help him move to Renton. Yippee! I hate moving. But I can't leave a friend to suffer through moving without help, so I was there mostly on time. Actually the move went very smoothly. Ethan had almost everything taken care of already, so we were done and gone within four hours. Nice.

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and then met Matt and Seth back at work to play some City of Heroes as a group. When we finished up I went home and started on the editing I have to do for a new freelance project. I've been having a hard time diving into it, but now that I've started I'm actually really enjoying it. It's something different to do with my brain for a while. I have plenty more work to do on it in the next month, so it's a good thing I'm enjoying it. Some day I'd like to write some of this stuff. Unfortunately that isn't possible given my current position.

Oh, this was kind of fun. I was putting away laundry Sunday night and started absently going through some of my clothes and picking out things I haven't seen or worn in years; some of it since the early 90's. It was very rewarding to see that a lot of it was much too large for me (XXXXL stuff) and that some of it was just on the cusp of fitting very nicely (XXL). Cripes. Apparently this thing is working. Plus, I weighed myself Saturday morning and found I was 300 pounds -- 80 pounds less than when I started trying to get into shape. Pretty cool. Now I only have 55 pounds to go!*

If you look on the right you'll notice that Kevin has started a blog of his own. Go check it out. Kevin's one of my best and longest-known friends from college. He lives a very different life from mine, but he's still a bit of a geek, so he's good people.

This is the 3rd Anniversary of my move from Madison to Seattle. As usual, I will repost the log that Seth kept on our trip. Look for that post immediately above this one . . . and for the next three days.

* My excitement there is mostly to fool myself into thinking I'm excited by the prospect of losing 55 more pounds. Really it just sort of intimidates me, but I'm not going to admit that openly.


At September 28, 2004 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon, that's great news! Keep up the good work!

At September 29, 2004 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work on the weight, dude, I know how tough it is to get it off and keep it off. Like I had said a while ago, the results are clear when one compares pictures from a while ago with those of more recent days. But, it is one of those things where the day-to-day progress is painfully slow.

Dr. John


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