Friday, September 03, 2004

$190.35 Later . . .

. . . and I have new brakes.

My car was making lots of noise before I left, so I figured I should get the brakes taken care of -- especially before heading up to Vancouver with a handful of people in tow. Tomorrow it's time to get an oil change. Then maybe I'll get my driver's side seat fixed. And the stereo. I hate cars.

for part of the day I visited a company we've begun doing some work with lately. It was interesting. Their building was part unfinished workshop, part attic, part disorganized office. Not particularly professional looking, but they seem to do good work.

Tomorrow I get to meet the guy who did a lot of the concept work with me on Creepy Freaks. He's also the guy who's responsible for the script and overall production the the DVD that went along with that game. It'll be nice to finally meet him. Gotta get to work early for that.

I just returned from an evening of gaming with the Thursday crew. The game was a cross between the X-Crawl setting and the old Smash TV videogame. It used the Savage Worlds game system and it was excellent. John (the GM) did a great job of (re)conceiving the setting and coming up with some very, very cool ideas. I'm looking forward to more games.


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